Does Doggie Dharma care for cats?
We definitely take care of cats, along with a wide range of other animals. Although we do take care of other animals, cats and dogs are our specialty.

Is Doggie Dharma insured?
YES, Doggie Dharma is insured.

How does a consultation work?
First, we will find a time to meet in your home because your home is also your pet’s home. We like for you and your pet to meet us in your pet’s comfortable environment. During a consultation we will go over questions about your pet. We like to know many things about your pet, such as: medical history, personality, and feeding times. We also welcome information from you that you feel is necessary for us to know while we care for your pet. As always, the person you meet will be your Pet Companion, excluding sickness and vacation, of course. The consultation usually takes about 1/2 hour.

Do you watch exotic pets? E.g. rabbits, lizard, etc.
Our background skills are in cats and dogs mainly, but we also have experience with many other animals, from rabbits to lizards to even chickens!

In what areas do you visit pets? 
Highland Park*

*We do not service these towns in their entirety.

Does Doggie Dharma have office hours?
 Yes! We do! Time away from the computer and time spent with family is important to us. We are in the office Monday through Friday 9am-4pm. We are closed on Sundays and have limited office hours on Saturdays unless an appointment is previously scheduled.