Doggie Dharma is a dog walking and pet sitting service based in the Chicago North Shore area.  We service the North Shore area including but not entirely limited to Evanston, Wilmette, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Glencoe, Highland Park, Deerfield, Glenview, Northbrook, Northview, and Skokie.

Daily Dog Walking:
Our daily dog walking service is a way to get your pet out while you are away or busy. Daily dog walking provides your pet an opportunity to get exercise, play and do their business. Your pet is never subjected to a group walk unless this is your request. Even at request, we limit the number of dogs walked at a time by one walker. This allows your pet to be focused on during the time that you are paying for.

Vacation Care:
While you are away, we provide two types of vacation care. Our daily visits to your home are arranged around when your pet usually goes out and/or usually gets fed. Each visit is usually 1/2 hour. If your pet is not social, we like to spend this time to at least find your pet and make sure that they are in good health while you are away. The 1/2 hour is usually spent feeding, walking and giving love time to your pet. Number of visits per day varies dependent on the type and number of pets. During all vacation care, we will bring in the mail, water plants, take out the trash, and any other daily house sitting needs.

While you are away you may feel more comfortable with your pet having someone home all night with them. Knowing that your pet and home are safe can provide great comfort to you while you are away. The pet sitter usually arrives at your home around 8-9 pm at night and leaves by 7-8am. We come back once or twice during the day to check on your pet, take them out for a walk or feed them. These times are arranged around your pets usual feeding or walk time.
Both daily visits and overnight visits include home care such as plant care, mail and garbage/recycling.

Minor medical care:
Minor medical care is no foreign subject to us. Minor medical care includes such services as:
-giving pills
-giving shots
-routine medical care (e.g. ear cleaning, eye medication)
-help during surgical recovery

Please contact us for information on how to get started!